Paladyum Agriculture team uses environmentally friendly techniques to produce fresh fruits that do not compromise on taste at each harvest.


Palladyum Agriculture has its own fruit farming. With its team consisting of fruit growers, harvest workers and farmers, Paladyum Agriculture uses sustainable and innovative techniques to help feed people and deliver the freshest fruits directly to supermarkets. Paladyum Agriculture is proud of the care and attention it shows, and thanks to its team that loves their job, it is rewarded for its hard work in every fruit basket. Paladyum Agriculture brings together agricultural activities with innovation in order to contribute to the more sustainable nutrition of Turkey and the world. Palladyum Agriculture team, consisting of expert fruit growers and harvesters, produces fresh fruits that do not compromise on taste at each harvest, using environmentally friendly techniques.

Reliable and Quality Products
Paladyum Agriculture produces the freshest and most delicious products by developing new cultivation techniques. Paladyum Holding aims to deliver the products purchased from farms to markets and consumers as soon as possible.

Paladyum Agriculture renews its growth processes and supply chain with sustainable techniques to minimize the impact of its activities on the environment. Paladyum Agriculture aims to be the champion of long-term transformation that benefits the planet, society and future generations.

Passion and Collaboration
Paladyum Agriculture shares its passion for being a family by building the future with the teams working on its farms. Our teams can easily access the resources they need to make a difference with the quality of fruit produced.